I read an interesting post the other day, which coined the word “hopepunk.” As I understand it, it’s stories about bad people doing good things (or regular people doing the best they can with a bad situation). It’s exactly the sort of thing I enjoy in books (and music), and what I try to write into my own stories. In the interests of spreading the word about this genre, here’s a list of fiction and music that I think might be hopepunk. @ariaste (and anyone else) , please correct me where I’m wrong.


Terry Pratchett – Nation (you mentioned the Discworld books, but Nation encapuslates…something. Maybe that something is hopepunk?)

Greg Egan – Dichronauts (and most of his other work)

Louis McMaster Bujold – Paladin of Souls (and the rest of her work, too)

Vernor Vinge – Rainbows End 

James S.A. Corey – Babylon’s Ashes (not sure about the rest of the Expanse, but this book at least)

Kage Baker – The Bird of the River (and the rest of her work)

Daryl Gregory – Raising Stony Mayhall (and the rest of his work)

David Wong – Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits

Brian K. Vaughan – Saga 

Ted Chiang – Exhalation 


Vienna Teng – Level Up

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