The Goose’s Wing is finished!

“What man-made machine will ever achieve the complete perfection of even the goose’s wing?”

Abbas ibn Firnas

I finished that alt-hist short story! It’s a nice, hefty 8,300 words long, and will probably end up a little longer.

In the story, it’s the 1050th anniversary of the invention of the hang-glider, and Andalusian peace activist Tariq ait Fortun falls into the talons of terrorists.

First line: The last echoes of the call to worship fade into the heat rising off Cordoba, and against Tariq’s back the glider shivers.

Last line: He looks up. “Now where are those matches?” Tariq cannot wait to get back into the sky.

Finished in: The Saint Andrews Guest House, Jerusalem, Israel

“The Goose’s Wing” is available now in the Tales from Alternate History 2 anthology.

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