The Chinese Roman Empire

Okay. I swear I am only going to spend half an hour on this. NOT ALL DAY. NO SIR!
So here we go.

According to this very reliable historical document, the city of Lomes (L. Loumasia) was settled by Chinese adventurers in 750 BC.

They had a hard time adapting to their new environment and conquering the natives, but with perseverance they succeeded! The Longe Dewa (L. Loumadiia Daeiquac) was born!

And here’s what you’ve been waiting for, the sound transformation chart!

r > l
zh > VsV > z
ə̌ > ia > a
j > di >dg
iə > iia > ia
èi > aei > a_e
ə > a
gu > qu > w


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