I’ve been Nominated for a Sidewise Award

What the hell is going on? My jet-lagged two-year old is getting me out of bed at 2am and my short story is being considered for THE alternate history award? My name is on the same short list as Bruce Ovo-E-Budućnost STERLING? What IS this??

We’ll find out who wins the award in mid-August. Until then, may I suggest you:

Read a sample of “Treasure Fleet.”

Read the whole thing (as well as the Sidewise-nominated “Twilight of the Mesozoic Moon”) in the Tales from Alternate Earths anthology.

Check out some more background on the story’s process and world-building.


I’d like to thank Melissa Walshe for getting me digging in the Chinese discovery of America.

Also, whatever dark forces got me nominated. I owe you guys a black cockerel.


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