Emergency Worldbuilding

For The Centuries Unlimited

I’m figuring out the history of Ruth’s relationship with her boyfriend, Vivek.

Vivek is a time-travelling cyborg air-marshal from “Shock Station,” a timeline where the 22nd century dumped all its technology on top of 1979. That was 23 years ago, so what has happened since? What grungy, cyberpunk problems does Shock Station currently have?

My guess is Shock Station’s problems will be the result of how its leaders used down-time technology. The American Presidency Project tells me that at that time, Republicans were worried about:

economic instability, inflation, and unemployment
soviet bombs and soviet influence in the third world
American dependence on foreign oil

Democrats, meanwhile, were worried about:

The energy shortage
inequality of women and minorities
Cuban refugees

So what would these people do when armed with future technology?

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