The Ottoman Socialist Republic?

Gasp! An alternate history map that DOESN’T have a “Bulgaria” in it!

And I don’t think it’s plausible.

Okay, let’s say that the Freedom and Accord Party was more Marxist than IRL and they managed to kill or drive off the Three Pashas, topple the Sultan, and set up a socialist republic. Why would they call it “Ottoman”?

But then what would about the reaction of the rest of the world? The Great Powers of Europe hated the idea of a unified state on the Balkans and Levant, not to mention a communist state. The Bolsheviks were still two years away from their revolution and would have been less than no help.

The best scenario I can imagine is a large and well-organized socialist Freedom and Accord Party with Mustafa Kemal at its head. After fighting off the invading armies of practically everyone in Europe, they give up and flee Istanbul, crossing the Black Sea. There, they join Marxist sympathizers in the Ukraine and establish the Turkish Soviet Republic of Crimea, a satellite of the USSR. Tensions mount after Stalin takes power and starts oppressing other Turkic-speaking peoples within the USSR.

There is a Crimean uprising in the 1950s alongside the Hungarian and Armenian revolts. They plead with NATO for aid, but the Soviets have nukes, and western aid is not forthcoming. Soviet tanks roll into Aqyar (and Budapest and Trabzon) and crush the rebellions. There follow thirty years of famine and oppression.

Think that’s depressing? Stay tuned for the 1990s and the Anatolian Cleansing!

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