The Kingdom of Phoneme

This week, I’m playing with awkwords!

The Kingdom of Phoneme is in turmoil, torn apart by the factions around the brothers Hluatat and Derifum and meanced by the great general S’LãGs̩ of Abjad, as they fend of the piratical attacks of Captain KuLaEn’ZuLe of Syllabaria and the enigmatic menace of Emperor Ge Am-vam of the Ideogram Dynasty

And they all use the same phonotactics! (it’s C(R)V(C/R)V(N)C(R)V(N)(C) )

The pronunciations are /’hlu.a.tat/, /’de.ri.fum/, /’sla.gan.gus/ , /’kla.en.zle/, /geamvam/

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