I have a crazy idea for a Steven Universe alternate timeline

…in which Bizmuth shattered Rose Quartz and lead a protracted war against Homeworld. Five thousand years later, Earth has mostly been disassembled, but Mars, Venus, and several moons have been terraformed by human slaves. Wanting a weapon but unwilling to make any diamonds who might challenge her authority, Bizmuth orders the terraforming of a carbon-rich comet and inoculates it with a single injector. The result should be a powerful-but-loyal Chondrite.

Instead, they get Graphene.

(no clue what I’m talking about? click here)

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  • Sara3346.

    Interesting idea, but this seems to conflict somewhat with crystal gem philosophy, if she was going to go through with something like this, she would have to go through several “purges ” Of the jams after or during the war, which might just collapse the rebellion then and there, but an interesting idea nonetheless.

    • I was thinking about that. Rose Quartz had a philosophy, but with her shattered, Garnet and Amethyst will probably ally themselves with Bizmuth with Pearl forming the nucleus of ANOTHER rebel group (perhaps made of humans?). But if Bizmuth is serious about beating Homeworld, she has to make gems , and making gems means the destruction of life on Earth.

      There might be some hope for compromise. If you can terraform Mars, for example, you can make gems there without harming Earth. But I’m guessing some lichen on a rock isn’t enough life juice to make a gem (perhaps Peridot was made that way, which is why she’s so small and powerless)? I bet for really top-notch gems, you need a climax ecosystem.

      • Sara3346.

        I don’t think they really need to build more gems to beat home world, as far as I can tell homeworld was going to lose anyway partially because they made tons of quartzes on earth, and partially because they got so desperate that they were willing to give what might as well be a fate worse than death to all of their soldiers that were left on ground( probably quite a lot of them ) with using the “corruption song”.

        I suppose my bigger point was, that if the crystal gems are not trying to protect life on earth and keep it free they don’t have much reason to rebel in the first place… actually they might still have some reasons to rebel but, I was under the impression that that was one of the strong ones, perhaps I was wrong you haven’t actually been shown much about the varying opinions during the time the rebellion was taking place…

        As far as peridot being small and weak, there’s a good possibility that all peridot too small, after all they’re meant to be technicians so they’re going to be crawling into lots of tight spaces most of the time it wouldn’t make sense for them to be large gems, and she’s not weak she has pretty good metal bending powers, although she didn’t know about them until recently which implies that home world probably purposefully doesn’t educate lower ranking gems .

        • Oh right I forgot about the insanity weapon. I wonder how Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Rose escaped it.

          I think the rebellion happened for may reasons — Homeworld was doing so many things wrong it was easy for Rose to find dissatisfied gems to join her.

          The reasoning I’m going with is this song ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H23rpzOAIzQ ), where the Crystal Gems give their motivation for fighting. Rose seemed to think that Earth and its inhabitants have the basic right to exist (or at least she thought we were entertaining), Pearl is loyal to her, Amethyst is preserving her way of life, but Garnet wants freedom, specifically freedom to be a “perma-fusion.” Bizmuth wanted to build her own projects. I’m interested in how the interests of the Crystal Gems don’t necessarily align with those of humans.

          Peridot mentioned that she was a recently-made gem, and was made with fewer “resources.” Perhaps she meant life-energy?

          • Sara3346.

            Well, I think rose quartz is the user a little more complicated wanting to preserve human life, after all strangely enough pink diamond also wanted to preserve human life hence the human zoo, but Rose went further, because she obviously wanted to preserve their independence to some degree, or at least thought it would be convenient for her cost to say so, I can’t really tell to what extent she lied given just how much it’s been revealed that she was a consummate liar, or at the very least omitted even from our closest allies. Anyway nice chatting with you, I’m gonna go pick up where I started on mermaids thread.

          • *salutes*