Bulgarian has words for:

to wake up completely: разсънвам се (razsanvam se)

Raz-san-vam se glosses as “apart-dream-verb reflexive” something like “I break up my dreams.” You can add the same suffixes and prefix to buzh- (the root for “wake,” cognate to Sanskrit “Buddha”) to get разбуждам се (razbuzhdam se) which means more or less the same thing.

the back of a chair: облегалка (oblegalka)

Obleg-al-ka comes from облегвам (oblegvam) and means something like “thing for leaning”

to flow up and out: извирам (izviram)

The root of Iz-vir-am (vir) is also found in the word for a spring of water or the source of something (извор – izvor) and the verb “to boil” (изварям – izvaryam), from whence we get извара (izvara, what you get when you boil down milk – cottage cheese).

to not have done A yet, so how can you expect me to have done B?? тепърва (teparva)

Te-parva comes from първо (parvo, meaning “first” and in fact cognate to “first”), but I don’t know where te- comes from. Ideas??


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