Junction Fan Art!

Junction is still lurching and moaning through its latest round of revisions, but something good’s coming out of the process aside from my sweet caffeine-flavored tears: FAN ART!


Lizard-bug by Viergacht

The first is a Lizard-bug by artist and cover-designer Viergacht. Love the eyes and those vestigial wings. Mm. Delicious.

Anne by Edge-lorde

And here’s Edge-lorde‘s now-canonical design for Anne. Also, yes, the U in Daisuke’s name is silent (technically devoiced) and yes, he does smile like that.

And what’s this. What. IS. THIS? A pinterest board Kim Moravec made for Junction! Impossible! And yet it exists.

By the way, Junction is still open for beta-readers. Actually it’s more like “delta” by now, but anyway…

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