Japanese Junction

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吉田:もしもし? 誰 – ? お、かしこまりました! もちろん。 (松森に携帯を上げる)竹田さんです。



松森:必要ほどできます。 あの、ご存知じないかもしれませんが、撮影の途中でございますし。

竹田:締め切ろ! 荷造りして出発の準備しよ。


吉田:え? (携帯をつかむ)どうも、松森くん。


松森:何が起こっている? どうしたの?

吉田:(松森を追い払う)残念ですけど不可能でございます。 お金はもう。。。キャンセルされた?(顔が赤く変わる)でわ、お帰りになるとおっしゃるんですか。


松森:どういう意味? (携帯をつかむ)竹田さんは別の場所で撮影させようしますか? この撮影は最後にすると通知いらっしゃいました。 私は健康ではないですし。 そして、東京で、あの、重要な会議がありますし。




竹田:(上司に話す)はい。 そうでございます。 そういたします。 はい、只今彼らを通知いたします。


吉田:何とおっしゃいます? だれが何をどこまで飛ぶ?


語彙や文法に問題はありますか? 人物の心理はどうですか 。本当の人みたいですか。手伝ってくれてどうぞよろしく。

The main character of my scifi novel Junction is a Japanese TV star named Daisuke Matsumori. In this introductory scene, Matsumori and his director Yoshida get a call from Takeda, their producer. (Note: the translations are intentionally a little un-ideomatic. I want to let the Japanese show through)

(Yoshida’s cell phone rings)

Yoshida: Hello? Who-? Oh, yes, sir! Of course. (he holds the phone out to Matsumori) It’s Mr. Takeda.

Matsumori: Yes?

Takeda: You can speak English, right?

Matsumori: As well as is necessary. Um, you might not be aware of this, sir, but we are in the middle of a shoot…

Takeda: End it! Pack up and prepare for departure.

Matsumori: Departure?

Yoshida: Huh? (grabs the phone back) Thanks, Matsumori.

(Matsumori is irritated that Yoshida grabbed his cell phone. He’s worried that his career is declining and that Yoshida doesn’t respect him.)

Matsumori: What’s going on? What’s wrong?

Yoshida: (waving Matsumori away) Sir, I’m afraid that that is impossible. The money is already—canceled? (His face turns red) What you’re saying, sir, is that we should just go home?

Takeda: (giggles) You’re not going home at all.

Matsumori: What does that mean? (grabs the phone) Are you sending us to a shoot at another location? Sir, I humbly informed you that this shoot was the last. I’m not in good health. And in Tokyo there’s, um, an important meeting.

Takeda: Your wife’s pack of lawyers can wait, little Matsumori. The helicopter won’t.

Matsumori: (allowing his anger to show) What damn helicopter?

(A door slams. Voices can be heard in the background. Takeda is talking to someone else.)

Takeda: (talking to his boss) Yes. That is right, sir. I will do so, sir. Yes, I am humbly informing them now, sir.

Takeda: (talking to Matsumori) Just be ready to fly immediately. If you don’t, you will be fired and maybe dead and condemned forever as traitors to Japan and the whole human race!

Yoshida: Sir, what are you saying? Who’s flying what to where?

(a helicopter appears in the sky.)

You can get Junction here and read what happens next 😉

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