Emily and Ruth

I can’t use this chunk of text because it’s narrated by the wrong person, but I like it so here you go. At least as of now, the events are canonical to The Centuries Unlimited.

To the tune of blatting horns and growling engines, Emily came back to herself. She had been gone for some time, her soul only distantly tethered to her body as it ran about, shot at people, and allowed itself to fly through the air strapped to an antisocial psychotic with a penchant for fast cars and sarcasm.

Emily had come within inches of death several times and that had distracted her. Now in the warmth and relative safety of their stolen car, Emily was once again at leisure to consider her priorities.

“Now,” she addressed Ruth. “How do you propose we retrieve my son?”

Ruth gave her a glance and a raised eyebrow. “Well, we can’t do much retrieval of anything if we’re dead or in a dungeon somewhere, so the first thing we got to do is get out from under Johnnie Magician.”

“I was under the impression,” said Emily, “that he controlled the city.”

Ruth growled. “He does. Which means we got to get out of the city.”

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