Petrolea is out!

My diesel-punk dragon novella Petrolea is available from Alban Lake Publishing in both paper and ebook form. This is a big step: the first paid book-shaped thing that was all mine and no-one else’s. I’m over the (murky, mechanoid-infested) moon (of Saturn)! Here’s the back-of-the-book

Victor Toledo went to Titan for its oil reserves. Doctor Feroza Merchant has made it her mission to stop him. The wild robots of the petroleum jungle want to strip the flesh from their bones.

Stranded in the mechanical jungle, the engineer and the biologist must cooperate not only to survive, but to understand the alien ecosystem around them. Where did these self-replicating robots come from? Who created their ancestors, and why? What they discover could open space to humanity, or it could destroy our civilization.

For more about Petrolea (like pictures by none other than @simon-roy) check out its webpage.

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