Five Star Reviews: Habitat by Simon Roy

Habitat by Simon Roy. That's Bulgaria in the background.

Habitat by Simon Roy. That’s Bulgaria in the background.

Yesterday I received two books with Warren Ellis endorsements. One was Pirate Utopia by Bruce Sterling, the other was Habitat, by Simon Roy. Looks like Ellis and I both have great taste.

I worked with Simon at the beginning, middle, an end of Habitat’s writing process, but yesterday was the first time I’d actually gotten to read the finished book all the way through.

And it’s so good, people.

There are all these little details I didn’t notice the first time around. Like the little boy who just lost a tooth, and then found a new one in a cannibal midden. The sinister way the phaser passes hands. And then there are the big things that look so great on real paper like the Neo-Sotz reliefs carved in red, white, and yellow. That cyclopean architecture! The environment suits flayed and restitched into tribal garb. It all fits together into an atmosphere as lucid and claustrophobic as the air of the doomed Habitat, itself.

The story is a tight little spin off of the familiar hero’s journey, where a boy flails his mystical weapon in blind panic from one crisis to the next, bouncing off of people qualified to make good decisions…except they don’t. They’re flailing too. Everyone is tumbling in a panicked free-fall freak-out in a very fragile artificial world. It’s heartbreaking and quite human and oh man, I cannot wait for the sequel.

Go buy this comic and motivate Simon to make more.

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