Who’s a Good Chosen One? You are!

Eirling’gathel! Eirling’gathel! I found the dragon! Let’s go slay it! We’ll go on a quest together!

mmphWhah? Oh, by the sacred Elm of Whispers, it’s like 4am.

I found a dragon, Eirling’gathel! It’s just five leagues from here! It’s time for a quest!

No quests now, buddy. It’s still dark out. No quests now.

But I found a dragon!

Yes, Rolo, you did. Good Chosen One. Good…<yawn>

Let’s slay the dragon, Eirling’gathel! A quest! Oh oh, a quest!  Eirling’gathel!

<claps> Alright. Yes. I’m up. I’m up. Let’s slay that fucking dragon. Now where’s my Cloak of Shimmering Dreamstuff?

The Cloak, the Cloak! You’re getting the Cloak because it’s time to go a quest! A quest!

Yes, Rolo, a qu—fuck! Rolo! Did you piss on my Cloak again?

….I was drunk, Eirling’gathel.

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