The Lords of the World

Percival Q. Singh and Mu-Rau

The Lords of the World” is a detective story in the style of Arthur Conan Doyle, set in a world of H.G. Wells’ Martian Invasion. It is available here from Alternate History Fiction magazine.

P.Q. Singh portrait by Ivy Cave AKA Thundercake

P.Q. Singh portrait by Ivy Cave AKA Thundercake

When a damsel in distress turns out to be more dangerous, and in more distress, than she first appeared, Percival Q. Sing, moon-born professor of law and ethics, and his esteemed colleague Mu-Rau the Martian imam must dive into the nest of terror and oppression that is the England a century after the Martian Invasion.

The Continents of Mars


Read the first few lines here

Death to Martians,” a story in the same universe.

Conversations with various cool people about Making Characters, Worldbuilding, and Plot for “Lords of the World.”

The characters

Martian physiology

A map of Mars, also Martian continents, races, religions, and economic blocs

Some background on the writing process and worldbuilding

Alternatives to Sex? Martian reproduction

The idea-seed that started it all


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