Learning Bulgarian: Vacations and Governments

Remember last week? Well here’s some more Bulgarian vocab!

Obrashtam se kam (nyakogo): Turn to (somebody) for help

Dezhuren-on duty (from French, de jure meaning “of day”)

Pikolo-a bellhop (from Italian, piccolo meaning “smallest”)

Funny how English also imported both words, but with different meanings.

Osvobozhdavam/osvodya- to check out (literally “to free up” from svoboda or “freedom”)

Oplakvam/oplacha se ot (neshto)-to complain about (something)

Spravnyavam/sravna-to compair

Gledam kam (neshto)-to look out at (something)

Vsichko stava-you never know (literally “everything happens”)

Darzhava-a government, a country (the thing that controls a country is darzhavno ustroistvo or “government apparatus”)

Palnomoshtiya-power, jurisdiction (literally “full-ability” or “full-mightiness”)

Vrachvam-to grant

Naznachavam-to hire (to “to-know”)

Osvobozhavam-to fire (to “set free”)

Dlazhnost-a post in the government (a “must-ness”) related to zadalzhitelno or “required”

Vissh-high (position, power, post). I’ve never come across that s-sh sound combination before. As opposed to visok which means “high” or “tall” in the physical sense.

Uprazhnyavam-to exercise power

Pomilvane-a pardon, amnesty (literally “a little-kind-ing”)

Obyavyavam-to announce

Vaorazhen-armed (“en-weapon-ed”)

Napadam/napadna-to attack (“to-fall” similar to English “they fell to it”)

Polozhenie-a situation

Izvanreden-extraordinary (literally “completely-out-order-ed”)

Zasedavam-to meet, to sit (of a committee, ministry, etc.) (literally “for-sit”)

Poznat-familiar (literally “a little-known”)







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