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I’ve been working hard on the book I’m calling  The Centuries Unlimited (aka Time Trains aka Raj Station, aka Renaissance Express). Posting my progress here, the first thing I’ve completed is the future family tree of the protagonist (plus a few unrelated supporting characters).

Knickerbocker Station

Emily Gallagher (protagonist) 19-y.o. (b. 1888) an economist

Robert King 20-y.o. (b. 1887) a naturalist

Black Station

Helen Hunt (relationship character) 33-y.o. (b. 1909) a detective. Emily’s daughter.

John Williams (antagonist) 35-y.o. (b. 1907) a human-trafficker and mobster.

Kennedy Station

Billy Hunt 23-y.o. (b. 1919) a leftist radical. Emily’s son. (from Black Station)

William Hunt 61-y.o. (b. 1919) a politician. Emily’s son.

Elmo Hunt 40-y.o. (b. 1940) a mad marketer. William’s son.

Betty Bleirer 36-y.o. (1944) a spy. Helen’s daughter.

Monday Station

Denise Hunt 36-y.o. (b. 1974) a cyborg mechanic. Elmo’s daughter.

Cheryl Hunt 40-y.o. (b. 1970) a business mogul. Elmo’s daughter.

Genka Espinoza 18-y.o. (b. 1992) a cyborg vigilante. Betty’s grand-daughter.

Crisis Station

Ginevra Espinoza 46-y.o. (b. 1992) a professor. Betty’s grand-daughter.

Chandra Hunt 35-y.o. (b. 2003) a counter-terrorist. William’s grand-son.

Al X 30-y.o. (b.2008) a terrorist. Denise’s son.

James Villanueva 25-y.o. (b. 2013) an artist. Denise’s son.

Kisha Lizowski 28-y.o. (b. 2010) a monster hunter. Betty’s grand-daughter.

Pivot Station

Alexander Villanueva (b. 2008) 57-y.o. a call-center rep. Denise’s son.


I’m pretty sure the dates all add up. :/

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