Adamics 2: Vocabulary

Looking for meaning in the sounds around them, the first generation of Adamics will turn first to onomatopoeia words.

Here are some onomatopoetic words based on human noises

crying=wai-wai / feeling sudden pain=wai

food being eaten= ama-ama / biting=ama

heart beating=tuka-tuka

laughing=aha-aha / surprising someone=aha


breathing=uhu-uhu / Doing nothing (pausing)=uhu



Mechanical noises

dripping=kuwu-kuwu / losing something=kuwu

running=taka-taka / knocking=taka

walking=tupu-tupu / striking soft=tupu

motor running=humu-humu

rolling= poto-poto falling onto something=poto

striking something wet=pata

switch engaging=kiti

Other things will make no noise, but nonetheless will be assigned mimetic words, words that sound like the way an object or action would sound if it made a sound.

Sparkling=pina-pina / Lights coming on=pina

Sparking (electricity)=piti

Note that reduplicating words makes the actions they describe long or repeated.



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