Health Update

Here’s a health update:I went in for blood tests and a CAT scan last week and everything looks good! Very low tumor markers in the blood and nothing showed up in the CAT scan except for a pair of very slightly enlarged lymph nodes. Very good news.

We talked to an oncologist, who said that she wouldn’t prescribe chemotherapy at all for me if I was 70, but since I’m 32 and there’s still a lot of time for things to go wrong with me (…yay?) she wants me to do a course of mild chemotherapy.

BUT she doesn’t want me to start chemo until after I get my colonostomy removed. I need to get my guts put back together. We were planning to do that in December, but now it looks like we might have that surgery in October. That’s good because I’ll be able to go back to a more normal diet, but it won’t be easy to psych myself up for another surgery so soon.We’re going to talk to surgeons this week and next week to get their opinion.

In short: everything is looking good. I may get back to normal even sooner than I had hoped. I’m feeling way better than I did this time last year, when I was starting to get sick. Now I just need to deal with this writer’s block 🙂

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