Dhih tauj nayin Payauld Thayth

You what I want to do? Put modern English (of the General American variety) through the sound-changes that Proto-Indo-European went through to get here.

In other words, what might English sound like in five thousand years?


I /aɪ/ > Ey /eɪ/
you /ju/ > ee /i:/
this /ðɪs/ > dhih /ðɪ/
dog /dɑɡ/ >tauj /tɔːdʒ/
blood /blʌd/ > payaul /’paɪjɔːl/
bone /boʊn/ > piya /’pɪjə/
horn /hɔɹn/ >ir /əɹ/
tooth /tuːθ/ > thayth /θaɪ:ð/
name /neɪm/ > nayin /’naɪjɪn/

You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to come up with that word list.

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