Tyrannosaur Blog-splosion!

…has begun. Gaze with wonder as the Tyrannosaur Queen conquers the world wide web, starting with:


Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen is novel about a modern soldier, a barbarian warlord, and dinosaurs.

Josh Vogt’s Never Have Never Will interview with me

I would not want to meet Trals Scarback. I wrote him to be a believable Conan-the-Barbarian-type genius/murder-machine, which means he’s pretty much got to be a sociopath.

Matt Sheean’s How Dinosaurs can fix your Addiction to Power

Riding a tyrannosaurus sure sounds cool, but I wouldn’t want to actually do it.

 Beth Cato’s How Dinosaurs can fix your Time Machine

I wanted to write a book about bad-asses riding dinosaurs. So here’s how I worked it. And the science might even make sense.

Rebecca Roland’s How Dinosaurs can fix your Writing Routine

If your house is inhabited by shrieking children (or something as distracting, such as war-cyborgs or velociraptors), you might appreciate some of the writing habits I’ve evolved.

Stuart C. Baker’s How Dinosaurs can fix your Need for Speed

In my later books, I knew more about how to efficiently craft a story, but I had apparently forgotten how to stop and smell the dinosaurs.

Jaime Wyman’s How Dinosaurs can fix your Marriage

Make sure the partners in the relationship deserve each other.

M.E. Garber’s How Dinosaurs can fix your Flower Garden

Can’t you just picture that dinosaur plant, spiky and gnarled, primeval mists dripping off its scaled fruit as it uncoils its fronds into the steaming jungle?

My Favorite Bit” on Mary Robinette Kowal’s site

Why are you meeting a tyrannosaur? What are you doing in the late Cretaceous? What are you going to do if that thing attacks? How the hell are you going to survive this?

Yes, Your Velociraptors Must Have Feathers and Other Concessions to Reality on Love in a Time of Chasmosaurs

The movie doesn’t need a real animal. It needs a key to the lock in your brain that opens a door marked “here be dragons.”

How Dinosaurs can Murder your Darlings on Katrina Archer’s site

I’ll start with a cool little scene or idea that’s just so neat and nifty and I can’t wait to expand it into novel—oops, I squished it.

How Dinosaurs can Fix your Wedding on the Tex Files

The problem is Andrea, who claims to be a soldier from the tomorrow of tomorrows. The weapon, her powersuit, will only work for her. Plus, she has killed several of Trals’s men.

How Dinosaurs can fix the Evolution of Flight from Coral Moore’s Chaos and Insanity blog

The classic story of the origin of flight goes like this: dinosaur-like critter climbs trees, evolves elongated scales to catch the wind and glide, scales evolve into feathers, gliding evolves into flapping. Simple. And wrong.

How Dinosaurs can fix your Religion from Simon Roy’s blog

There comes a time in every spec-fic writer’s life when they must take a good long at themselves and think: “is this novel I’ve written nothing but a vehicle for my made-up culture?”

How Dinosaurs can fix your Research from Micah Joel’s blog

When I was in middle school, I stumbled across a website on the then-nascent internet called Hell Creek Faunal Facies


Let’s review. You’ve been sent back in time, taken prisoner and forcibly married to a homicidal Neanderthal, and your biggest problem is that he’s gay?

Brent A Harris’s review on Altered Instinct

Bensen crafts a rather high-brow look at a lost colony, complete with dimensionalities: language, ethics, and culture/religion


I will be adding to the list as it grows

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