The End of all Podcasts

So you may have noticed that I’m not doing podcasts any more.

I made the decision back in the spring, where getting up before my baby daughter to record yet another conversation with someone in North America actually made me sick. It wasn’t the guest; he was great and every understanding of my unstable mental state before the coffee kicked in. It’s just I spent the next week throwing up. Putting together the podcast was just unhealthy.

And it’s not just health. I love talking to people about science fiction,but I love actually creating science fiction more. When my schedule got tighter, I had to prioritize.

So, I worked through my queue of podcasts, the last of which, Genre with Mike Underwood, I posted two weeks ago. I don’t think I can top the conversation, so I’m going to let that one stand as my last podcast.

So now what are you going to do? Well, you can go back and listen to the over 100 podcasts in the archive. Starting with my favorites:

Speculative Philosophy with Eric Schwitzgebel

Polishing your Shmoo with Tex Thompson

Narrative Technology with Turbofanatic

Taking criticism with Melissa Walshe

Outlining with Simon Roy

Also, you might enjoy some of the things I’ll be doing with my new-found free time. Expect to see:

So goodbye for now, and thanks again for listening.


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