Teeth in the Darkness

Teeth in the Darkness:

A Tyrannosaur Queen deleted scene

I originally wrote this scene to take place after Andrea escapes from Trals for the first time. They were riding down a river in a canoe, Trals plotting to unleash Andrea on his enemies the Slavers, when Andrea decides she should just jump out and swim away. She does so, overturning the canoe. Here’s what happens next.

 Brown river and red sunset sky whirled like dancers about Trals Scarback, while he considered his mistakes. He should have been faster to don clothes his clothes. Or at least the baldric of the sword Vritai. He should have waited until they were off the river before waking Njrea the black-clad sky-woman. His other decisions, though, had been very good ones.  His plans progressed well…


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