Them and Us with S.E. Dee



I’m talking with S.E. Dee, author of CAPTCHA, which is now complete and looking for agents!

Soft scifi


What would happen if the cure for a pandemic came from a developing country?


Ebola. It’s not new.

I’m continually exploring “them” and “us”

When you start locking off borders, you’re at risk of leaving a whole bunch of people to die.

The Turing Test

Sentient and Sapient

Dan Dennet‘s Kinds of Minds

Ah, they’re just robots

New Frontiers

I’m a big fat hypocrite

It’s a cook book! (deedle-dee deedle-dee!)

Blue-eye brown-eye experiment

A formerly oppressed people struggling to not be the oppressors

City of Stairs

Do you know of any similar books, listener?

The meaning of life: go live it, while you still can


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