Englefeld and England

What if Harold Godwinson had lost the Battle of Stamford Bridge?

En th’Engleche

Two roys were ired by the côronation of Harold Godwinson en 1066: Harald Hadrada of Norwege end William the Conqueror of Normandie. The two’ve învaded Englefeld end were of succéſ. Pôſt a curt war, they’ve dîvided th’île, with the Noréſe roïning north of th’Umber end the Normans ſouth. Eventuâly have emerged the double roïnments of England end Englefeld, who th’apres five centuries have paſſed en the rivâlrîe. Juste or, their înfânts en the New Monde continue to quarrel.

In Englanz

Twa kings war angrits by ðe a-banden o Harold Godwinson inn 1066: Harald Hadrada o Norveger an William ðe Cifeborn o Normandy. Ðe boþ o ðem invod England, boþ bladefast. After a schort a-harrien, ðey splits ðe eyland, an ðe Norðmanner rulen fae norþ o ðe Umber, ðe Frenscher soþ. Ðe twyn kingdoms o England an Englefeld laiter bevods, an spend ðe nest fiff hunnarer a-vyerens. Na ðeir Newarldisch beirns gaesk on currying.

So, can you spot the ways Northern and Southern English diverged under Norse versus Norman-French influence?

Now, for those of you from a timeline in which Harald died at Stamford Bridge…

In English

Two kings were angered by the coronation of Harold Godwinson in 1066: Harald Hadrada of Norway and William the Conqueror of Normandy. Both Invaded England, and both were successful. After a short war, they split the island, with the Norse ruling north of the Umber and the Normans south. The twin Kingdoms of England and Englefeld later emerged, and spent the next five centuries in rivalry. Even their American children continue to squabble.

Many thanks to the History of English podcast, these Middle Engilsh, Norman French, Old French, Old English, Old Norse, and Scots dictionaries, not to mention my sister for recommending the novel Wake.


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