104 Worldbuilding for YA with Aimee Hyndman

I’m talking with Aimee Hyndman about Hour of Mischief out now from Curiosity Quills about genre, turning short stories to long ones, and YA tropes.

Cogpunk or Clockpunk or whatever it’s called

Did you think ‘I want this to have lots of clocks in it’?

Shared Worlds writing camp

Ender’s Game started as a short story

I write my best drafts when I write really quickly because then I don’t allow myself to get bored with the idea.

Christopher Paolini published his first book when he was 16. What have YOU accomplished lately.

Jeff Vandermeer‘s Annihilation

Lashing out against categories

Which dorm you sleep in at Hogwarts?

Also, Divergent

Fantasy dystopias? Where could they be?

What about you? Why do you think people-categorization schemes are so popular in YA fiction?

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