103 Transhumanism with Matt Sheean


I’m talking with Matt Sheean, about his and Simon Roy‘s Utopia Plantitia. Also, colonialism, technology, the noble savage, transhumanism, zombies, and Cartesian Dualism.

Simon Roy is a sweet, patient man with a knife

Drawing Simon’s stuff (“Royification“)

Malachi Ward and the Singularity

Elevator pitches

The Borg are great!

We’re doing you a favor by conquering you

Davi Kopenawa’s The Falling Sky

Carl Hoffman’s Savage Harvest

Everything you guys do is stupid

Octavia Butler’s Lilith’s Brood and tentacles

Rousseau’s Noble Savage

There’s no such thing as traditional surgery, and I’m glad about that

Traditional Californian Botox medicine


Assuming it’s smart, my computer double won’t pretend to be me

The Head Museum

Ray Kurzweil (kurz-wile?)

The Ship of So-and-so (Theseus, it’s the Ship of Theseus)

Don’t worry, there are no people anyway

Replacing human parts

(aside from World War Z) The best damn zombie book: Raising Stoney Mayhall

What is it like to be a zombie

Descartes and dualism

Daniel Dennett…possibly getting off the Cartesian merry-go-round?

Heidegger says “that’s just the wrong way to look at the world”

I choose my philosophers based on how funny they are

The feisty John Searle

It’s just stuff, man

Aristotellanism isn’t the same as vitalism, you dummy

John Haldane, who is nice and articulate

Maximo Pigliucci (also here)

And Matt illuminates the true nature of reality! Listen carefully.

~~Update: Ancestor, Matt’s Singularity project with Malachi Ward comes out in issue three of Island Magazine. Utopia Plantitia comes out next year, publisher TBA.

Special bonus! Here’s a fun video where he and Lawrence Krauss and Dan Dennett are all drunk together!

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  • Matt Sheean

    I am posting this here as well, to cover my butt. Thanks for doing the podcast, Dan!

    Here are some corrections to some statements I made:

    Massimo Pigliucci would not endorse a teleological view of the world, he’s more a follower of David Hume. I can’t believe I said that about him, it is embarrassing.

    Searle did not complain about being called an Aristotelian, rather he said, “I have students who are protestant theologians who tell me that my view is really consistent with a certain early form of Christian doctrine…“ by “his view” here he means his view on the mind-body problem, and the only view that I can think of that Searle’s own is somewhat close to in Christian history is that of the medieval Aristotelians.

    I said Aristotelianism an embarrassing number of times, and I’m also sure I made some other statements that were embarrassingly wrong, but it is hard for me to pay very close attention to my own voice.

    Also, I noted that the link to Pigliucci’s website is to his old “Rationally Speaking” blog. He has been running another one called “Scientia Salon,” though I think that has recently run its course as well. There’s a lot of stimulating musings at both sites, though.

  • Sara3346 .

    This was a very interesting talk, I will have to read these new sources of information!

    • Great! I hope you follow Matt on Tumblr, too.

      • Sara3346 .

        I don’t really use tumblr, to inconvenient as a platform, video service is awful and way to many sjws to make it worthwhile.

        • I use Tumblr with my eyes more or less permanently rolling 😉