102 Dinosaurs! with Emily Willoughby

Balaur bondoc is a Bird

I’m talking with scientific illustrator Emily Willoughby about Dinosaurs! Creationism! and Evolutionary Psychology! EDIT: The book we talk about, GOD’S WORD OR HUMAN REASON, is available now for preorder!

Dinosaurs are cool!

Yi qi, the very bizarre dinosaur with bat-wings

Maniraptors, specifically dromaeosaurs, which had feathers, and might have been secondarily flightless

Microraptor gui

Balaur bondoc,  the flightless climbing omnivorous bird, closer to modern birds than Archaeopteryx, with an enlarged hallux.

Darren Naish

Zhenyuanlong suni, a dromaeosaur with motherflippin WINGS, people (PDF)…is NOT the amazing new discovery Emily mentioned, apparently. Check back in September.

The world as you know it has changed!

The Fluffosaur Singularity is come! And there came upon the land the Great Enfluffening. The beasts of the field burst forth in fluffiness and many tears were shed into their luxuriant pellage!

Also her book God’s Word or Human Reason: an inside perspective on creationism.

Broad outlines of evolution and the (not particularly effective) attacks on Christianity

It’s okay to be Christian and believe evolution.

Schools in the US teaching Intelligent Design/Creationism

Ignoring radiometric dating is dangerous and silly.

Pat Robertson denies the earth is only 6,000 years old.

People are not going to change their minds when they’re bullied.

Psychologists agree (PDF)

Everyone likes an echo chamber

Complex human nature

The heritability of religiosity (PDF)


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