Done III, return of the son of Done!

The third and final read-through of Charming Lies is done!


If you look closely, you can see where July’s weekends were (all play and no work!), when we sent my daughter off to her grandparents’ village, when I decided to tear out and re-write the ending, and when I was violently ill.

So, I’m going to change things around a bit from comments from my agent and a few last beta-readers, but I’m calling it now:


Final Draft Finished 7/26/15 in Sofia Bulgaria

27 chapters, 204 pages, 74301 words

First Line:The ropes around him pulled tight. Timurhan bin Metin stiffened his muscles and thanked All-Merciful God the smugglers had been too stupid to kill him.

Done while listening to:

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