100 Revolutions with Carrie Patel




I’m talking with Carrie Patel about her new book, Cities and Thrones and revolutions.

You may remember Carrie Patel and The Buried Life.

Revolutions often don’t go as planned

We’ve been seeing a lot of dystopias

The Haitian Revolution and the French Revolution.

Fantasy Underground Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s J-curve (check out what happens in 1990)

Incubating a story

Just Dark Tower it

Daryl Gregory

The beginning of the book gets more revision than the end

Bare Branches in India and China

Pillars of Eternity by Obsidian entertainment, which has lots of words

Dan’s envious of the people working on Pathfinder

See if you can pinpoint the point during the conversation at which Dan drank enough coffee to gain self-awareness

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