Pangea Nekra


If every human were transported to their country’s equivalent location on Pangea.

All the Earth is dead.

We do not know how or why all the people of Earth were transported to the early Triassic, but we know the result. Drought. Starvation. Ruins in the red rock.

We were the luckiest, we think. Australia in the early Triassic is green and cool near the south pole, and connected to the vast, lush, uninhabited landmass of Antarctica. All we had to do was fight a war with the Indians to claim it.

Now our empire is large enough to  bring us news of the death that befell the people transported to the vast desert of South America and Africa. Europe and North America can not have fared better, because the only voices we hear on the radio are speaking Chinese.

It is time to find out. Our ships are ready to sail the starved seas. The Empire of Oz must expand, or else die.

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