99 Speculative Philosophy with Eric Schwitzgebel


But are they REALLY happy?

A year ago I talked with Eric Schwitzgebel about his new story Momentary Sage, his Philosophers’ Science Fiction / Speculative Fiction Recommendationsand the next moral frontier. Now it’s time to dust off that conversation in celebration of the publication of my novella PETROLEA!

What’s this about a suicidal baby?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The lack of an enduring self

Consequential Utilitarianism

Steve Bein and the podcast I did with him about his book, Disciple of the Wind

Maybe don’t kill everyone?

Eric’s list of science fiction authors enjoyed by philosophers

Top four: Ursula LeGuinTed ChiangPhilip K. Dick, and Greg Egan

There are no marching orders in philosophy.

Dan admits to not having read Philip K. Dick

What’s the difference between robots and animals?

Our moral duty toward artificial intelligence

The SIMs

Nick Bostrom and Hedonium, a substance that feels only pleasure

Why Save the Mechanical Rainforest?

John Searle doesn’t think something programmed can be conscious

Turbofanatic and the screaming laptop!

Here’s a shotgun. Blow off ASIMO‘s head.

District 9’s anthropomorphic prawns and Simon Roy’s…prawn-opomorphic prawns

Data is a toaster

Anthropomorphic Chauvinism!

The Expanding Circle (not written by Steven Pinker, but by Peter Singer)

Robert Sapolsky (baboon guy with beard) who introduced me to the Ikea lamp commercial 

Maybe our gut intuitions don’t form a coherent whole

Intuitive physics

Better Angels of Our Nature

Developing the moralometer

Interstellar’s special effects predicted something about black holes

Solaris and His Master’s Voice

And we end things before one of Them hears us and catches on…

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