Captain Yugoslavia

Captain Yugoslavia downed another Slivovitsa and wondered what the hell he was going to do with the rest of his life.


So we all know that nations are shared fictions, right? There’s nothing fundamentally different between people on one side of the border and the other, and nothing fundamentally the same about people on the same side of the border. National identity is a story governments tell their people.

But what if it wasn’t? What if the Jungian collective unconscious produces superheros (hm, shades of Pandemonium? Or just Hetalia?) that are tied to particular groups of people. Do a good enough job with your nation-building and Captain [Your Country’s Name Here] is born!

But it doesn’t always work so nicely. There are three Captain Chinas and no Captain United Arab Emirates. Peru, Bolivia, and Equador share a Captain Quechua in addition to their “official” individual heroes. African heroes bear no relationship to the political map, and a few heroes like Yugoslavia cling to existence with no official support.

Where else do you think ethnic heroes will depart from official political boundaries?

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  • Sara3346 .

    I suppose there would be multiple captain United States right?(the west the Midwest, and the southeast might as well be different countries.) Also, I thought I commented here before… But I don’t see my comments anywhere ..

    • How did the Greeks define a “nation”? I think it was something like (1) shared ancestry (2) shared culture (3) shared language (4) shared history. Something like that. By THAT definition, I think “Southern” would count as a nation. “Black” certainly. “Lakota” and “Navajo” and a few of the other big Native American communities. Hm. “WASP”? Maybe. “Mormon?” “Jewish?” After that, the boundaries between communities get so porous, they stop qualifying as “nations” under the above criteria.

      Another way to split up the US is this:

      I don’t think I’ve gotten another comment on this page…but my memory isn’t perfect.