96 Writing Tie-ins with Josh Vogt, Stephanie Lorée, and Gary Kloster



This is a big podcast this week with three people working in the Pathfinder (…don’t say ‘oeuvre,’ don’t say ‘oeuvre’…) universe! It’s Josh Vogt, Stephanie Lorée, and Gary Kloster.

Dungeons and Dragons Version 3.5

The fans are more knowledgeable than the authors

Paizo Inc. 

I would love to have a whole dedicated group of people to tell me who wrong I am

Gary’s serialized story, The Gem

Gen Con

The easiest way to get to the top of the mountain is write, submit, and always say “yes.”

Tim Pratt

Tor and Pathfinder

Sam Sykes, Max Gladstone, Ed Greenwood, Lian MercielWendy Wagner

The built-in audience is phenomenal

Enter the Janitor out now!

Launching at Denver Comic Con!

Ginny & The Ouroboros by Stephanie Lorée

Hell’s Rebels

Steam and Sorcery

Josh Vogt crying!


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