Gods domesticate humans

I’ve been thinking about hereditary magic a lot lately. The problem is if magical ability is heritable (like in Star Wars, for example) what you’ve got is a master race: a population with an ability that places them above other people. And holy heck isn’t THAT an icky situation!

But what if magic isn’t an ability you’re born with? What if you acquire it by making friends with demons or gods? I’m afraid we’re still in rocky territory, because then people with magic are the people with the hereditary skill to make friends with spiritual entities, and if those entities are themselves intelligent…


March your men into the ruins. The words swarmed like wasps in the witch’s skull. Destroy the wild humans with fire and blade and sorcery.

Blue fire kindled on the tips of her fingers. Ten spells. Ten gifts from the Deep Gods. Tabitha looked up from them to the broken city, and the words of the prisoner rang in her head, sweeter and more human than the words of her Masters, but no less disturbing.

The hunt is fine and wild meat is tastier than tame. But when They are done with us, whom do you think They will eat next?

“Your puissance?”

Tabitha looked up into the eyes of her captain. “Yes?”

“Your orders, puissance?” Behind the captain, cracked and broken buildings still seemed to reach for the sky.




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