More space-pirates

So I was talking with Kim Moravec and Tex Thompson about wormholes, like you do. And she was having problems with getting a wormhole big enough to pass a person through without being so massive it would crash the Moon into the Earth. We came up with a fix, but the idea of a moon-masses wormhole got me thinking.

You got your wormhole, right? You put it in space. You don’t want this weird point-mass floating around naked, so you pour water onto it. Water goes through the wormhole and comes out the other side? Not a problem. Pour more water until everything equals out and you’ve got two big spheres of the stuff, each with a wormhole at the center.

You fly your spaceship to one of those water-spheres, drop a submersible, pilot the submersible through the center of the sphere, through the wormhole, through the sphere on the other side, and get picked up a spaceship waiting there.

A ridiculous mode of interstellar travel? Maybe. But it makes room for honest-to-goodness space pirates. They ride GM squid.

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