Eastercon: Full-on Friendship!

From Friday the 3rd to Monday the 6th of April, I was lucky enough to attend Eastercon Dysprosium with my good friends Tex Thompson, Kim Moravec, and Shay Dee (oh my God, Shay, I literally just realized your name is a pun. I’ve known those guys since forever (i.e. Loncon 3), but what was cool about Eastercon was we didn’t just hang out with each other, we reached out and pulled more people into the dark embrace of our friendship. If eating with someone means making a bond with them (it does) our Conclave of Eostre absorbed Marieke Frankema, the renowned C.E. Murphey (about whom more later), as well as several other people who don’t have web presences so I can’t tell you how awesome they are.

We had great conversations, ate great food, and I learned so much. The first lesson of which is how great it is to be…nice? To make…friends? It was a big shock: all of those things we learn in kindergarten about sharing, listening, figuring out what other people want and giving it to them, all of it works. There are now projects I have in the works with some of these people that would blow your freaking mind. More later.

Then I get home, and guess what was waiting for me? Melissa Walshe and this little darling:

Dracorex, knitting and design by Melissa Walshe

Dracorex, knitting and design by Melissa Walshe

That’s a Dracorex based on a painting I made as a gesture of thanks for Melissa’s excellent critique of my novel Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen. Check it: she did something nice, took the precocity and turned it into something even NICER. Power of niceness…growing…stronger! Can’t…resist…FULL-ON FRIENDSHIP!

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