93 Young Adult Fiction with William Campbell Powell


This week I’m talking with William Campbell Powell, author of EXPIRATION DAY, a Young-Adult Science Fiction Robot Crossover. Bill didn’t know he was writing YA until his editor at Tor told him he had.

Coming of Age

I’m not sure if YA exists

The Hunger GamesEnder’s GameNaughts and Crosses

When all the characters have their own agency, that’s a good book

Fair Coin, Sister Mine, Summer Prince

The movie and the derivative movie 

VnLittle Brother,Homeland, and When We Wake

Australia’s policy on climate change

Saturn’s Children

Do you ever really grow up?

Charles Stross and Aliette de Bodard

Jennie Goloboy, my agent

And for discussions in the comments:

Where does the pairing between YA and post-apocalypse come from?

If the main characters are growing, at what point do the books in a series stop being YA?

Do you have any suggestions for our list of excellent recent YA fiction?

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