Bulgarian Bibliography

A while ago I met with an ethnologist at Sofia University, who gave me a nifty reading list. I can’t promise I’ll actually be able to read (or even find) all of the resources, but if you’re as interested in 16th-century Bulgaria as I am, you might be interested in:

Ethnography and Folklore:

Etnografiya na Balgaria by Khristo Vakarelski 

Anything by Mikhail Arnaudov

Balgarski Folklor by Petar Dinekov

Monumenta Bulgarica

Morphology of the Folktale by Vladimir Propp

Wild Tales by Nikolai Khaitov

Anthology of Bulgarian Poetry by Peter Tempest

 The Inn At Antimovo And Legends Of Stara Planina by Yordan Yovkov


Anything by Vera Mutafchieva

History of the Bulgarian People by Petar Mutafchiev


Under the Yoke by Ivan Vazov

The Iron Oil Lamp by Dimitar Talev

Elin Pelin short stories

Time of Parting and the movie “Time of Violence” (cause you know, it’s a movie)

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