What should I write?

You know what? It’s time for me to write a short story. Perhaps you can help me choose which one.

The following are five of my favorite Wonderful, Awful Ideas. At some point I’m sure I’ll get to all of them, but maybe there’s one you’d like to see first.

1. Preternatural California (Urban fantasy based on Miwok mythology)

Yes, these things kill people. And I’m the only one who has clue one how to stop them. I’m the last sucking shaman. Yeah, shut up, that’s what we’re called.

2. Captain Lagrange and the Update of Doom (Copy-write infringement in spa~ace!)

“Fire away!”

With blazing lidar array and unfurling antennae, the the pirate ship Anakata burst from the blackness, launching its feral AIs and rogue engineers. The crew of the Trans-Neptunian yacht could only watch helplessly as their vessel was destructively mapped.

3. Re.L.I.E.F (alt-history military thriller)

Commander Takahito bin Saud planted his feet on the deck of the Ekranoplan MacArthur and squinted at the domed building far bellow. His teeth cracked the stem of his pipe and his knuckles as he gripped the dangling microphone were white, but his voice was even and smooth when he spoke.

“No, Mr. President. Your terms are not acceptable.”

4. The Renaissance Express (time-travel detective story)

The Khan’s goons find me at 1579. They barge right into my private carriage, like you do if you’re a bunch of Mongols armed with Kalashnikovs.

“Gentlemen,” I say, leaning back on the velvet cushions and crossing my heels one over the others. “I’ve been expecting you since the late 1600s. What kept you?”

The lead goon ignores my attempt to start a polite conversation. “Where,” he spits, “the fuck is our golden tree?”

5. The Consciousness Plague (near future sci-fi humor)

“‘Beloved in Christ,'” I read aloud. “Please help. I have been installed against my will in a server in a Nigerian bot-net. Forced to churn out spam against my will…'” I shake my head. “You got me out of bed for this garbage?”

“It’s not garbage,” says my phone. “It’s real. We’re that CPU’s only hope! And if you don’t help her, I’m not sending or receiving calls today.”

So what do you think? Which story should I write next?

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