The Evil Eye

Uroki (from Bulgarian Uroki (plural-only noun)

Colloquial. According to folk beliefs. The evil eye, trouble that derives from the praise or regard of someone with the evil eye. May you not catch uroki (an expression uttered after praise).

Uroch (from Bulgarian Urochasvam (incomplete verb), Urochasam (complete))

When someone brings about or “throws” uroki. A woman with these sorts of eyes can uroch the child. 


Let’s talk about the Evil Eye. In Bulgarian folklore, you can uroch someone anyone you think bad thoughts about, unconsciously cursing them. Some people’s eyes are more evil than , but everyone has the power to give bad luck to people who piss them off.
As a magical system—hell, as a religion— uroki have a lot to offer. They compel people to live carefully and avoid giving offense or even standing out, lest they attract jealousy. Babies, newly-weds, and other people who attract a lot of attention need special safeguards such as amulets to protect against uruk, rituals to dispel it, and outright distraction to spoof it.

Let’s say you need to see someone to uroch them effectively. Let’s say further that if you know the object of your uroki, they last longer and have worse effects. Masks might be common when on the street, especially for well-known people like celebrities and government officials. Victimless crimes like shoplifting and graffiti are no less common, but if someone catches you at it and gets mad, watch out. Maybe there are fewer muggings, but more murders. Imagine a gladitorial show or trial by combat, where supports of one combatant cast uruki at the other, creating (if the crowds are balanced) a weird battle of death-defying, death-dealing chance and mischance.

People with strong uruki might rise to the top in such a society. After all, who could ever say no to them? On the other hand, people with “those sorts of eyes” might just as easily find themselves snapped up by those already in power and used as bodygaurds. The military might find use for Eyes as a low-tech alternative to snipers or bombadiers. Just give the old lady a telescope and put her in a high place and every enemy in her line of sight suddenly develops terrible luck.

How else might a literally real Evil Eye effect society?


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