88 Implementation Costs with Lars Doucet and James Cavin

We’re back talking with Lars Doucet and James Cavin, the owner and the head writer of Level Up Labs, creators of Defender’s Quest and Defender’s Quest II. We’re talking about telling story with games.

I have an idea, but it’s going to take a month of programming

Neil Gaiman and the army marching out of a city

Interactivity is always better

Bayseian risk analysis.

Actually pulling off Mario Bros.

There’s ancient technology for that

It’s made of handwavium!

 The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe (I have been waiting for an excuse to talk about this book for so long)

I couldn’t find James’s example of a South American indigenous people that uses marriage rules to keep population down (any help, listener?) but what he said sounds a little like the skin name system of many aboriginial Australian cultures.


Potosí! The name of the silver mine was Potosí! Damn, it was annoying not being able to remember it.

You’re one of those everybodies

Read historical documents


Bushido culture

We made up our jobs

Gama sutra.com and blog about writing!

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