What I learned this Year

The holidays are upon us and I’m on vacation. The Kingdoms of Evil Podcast, Language is Great!, and Wonderful Awful Ideas will be back starting January 12th.

To tide you over in the mean time, here’s What I Learned in 2014

This year was about experimenting with a lot of new things, including short-form work, social networking, and collaboration. Turns out I am most productive when working on a middle- and short-length project in addition to my novel project. So expect more small projects, but not serialized stories. The serialized stories I posted on the website stressed me out, didn’t attract many readers, and disqualified themselves for most professional markets. But I did learn that I love collaboration! That and alpha-readers!

So if you want to collaborate with me or be an alpha-reader, let me know!


And now for the bibliography.

All in all, I got a lot accomplished in 2014, including:
New Frontiers: science fiction novel about sex and aliens. (looking for publishers)
Charming Lies: historical fantasy novel about mind control and the Ottoman Empire. (finished draft 1)
Petrolea: science fiction novella about environmentalism and robot dragons with Simon Roy. (finished draft 1)
Lords of the Earth: short story set a century after H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds.(submitted to Abaddon)
The New Age: 3-page comic about the invasion of the Astral Plane with Turbofanatic. (submitted to Iron Circus’s New World Anthology)
Wheel in the Sky: serialized fantasy short story with Turbofanatic and Michael Silva (read the 1st draft here)
Route to Mecca: serialized alternate history story (read the first chapter here)

Also, lots of web content:
My blog about linguistics.
Wonderful, Awful Ideas: a new SFF concept every Friday.
The Kingdoms of Evil Podcast: lots of great conversations:

E.C. Ambrose (Historical Fantasy), Beth Cato (Murder and Mystery), Steve Bein (Buddhist Philosophy), Tex Thompson (Creating Cultures), Jaime Wyman (Self-Publishing), Steve LeCouiliard (Historical Accuracy), Matt Mitrovich (Alternate History), and many more.

I also visited LonConIII in the summer. My first con ever was a great experience, mostly because it allowed me to finally meet some long-term correspondence buddies face to face, but also because it made me feel like I was a real writer who actually might get published some day.

And ah those epic restaurant-crawls. May we stuff ourselves even fuller at Sasquan!

Chestita Nova Godina, everyone.

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