85 Spanish SFF with Elías Combarro and Leticia Lara


This week I’m talking with Elías Combarro of Sense of Wonder and Leticia Lara of Fantástica – Ficción about Spanish-language science fiction and fantasy.

Los VerdHugos: the sci-fi and fantasy podcast of Elias and Leticia along with Miquel Codony, Josep Maria Oriol, and Pedro Roman.

The Terra Nova Anthology: an anthology of contemporary Science Fiction

The Alucinadas Anthology: of Spanish SF stories written by women (available now!)

The Domingo Santos Award

Eurocon in Barcelona in 2016!

That’s a good problem to have: too many fans

Isaac Azimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Ursula K. Le Guin vrs. George R.R. Martin, Patrick Rothfus, and Brandon Sanderson

Cyberdark (not “Feverdark” as I mispronounced it)

We don’t know why other people like fantasy more

Andrzej Sapkowski The guy who wrote The Witcher 

Rodolfo Martinez Author of The Queen’s Adept 

Juan Miguel Aguilera Hard SF, Space Opera, and Historical Fantasy

Javier Negrete and Elia Barceló

And the new wave: Emilio Bueso and  Francisco Jota-Pérez

Presencia Humana a magazine of the New Weird

China Miéville and The City and the City



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