Malignant artifact disposal

It’s a haunted mirror.

Uh huh. You tried smashing it?

It made me think I smashed it, but I … it was my sister.

Ouch, man. Should have come to us first, eh? Sorry about that. (clears throat) So…this mirror thing’s psychic powers, they work on film?

Uh, yeah. I was watching through a webcam. Then her body, uh, it looked at me —

Okay okay. So nix on the bomb disposal robot then.

Is it hopeless?

Heh. We’re still here ain’t we? Been in business since the war. We got you. Now, What would you say is this, uh, evil mirror’s SOI?

What? SOI?

Sphere of Influence. How far do its powers extend? I mean when you don’t have a camera trained on it.

I don’t know.

Obviously it let you call us.

Unless I just think I’m calling you. Unless you’re not real.

Yeah we get that sometimes. These things can mess with your head. But I assure you sir, we are real. Now, the SOI?

The…the house, I guess? It didn’t let my sister leave the house.

And, just to be clear, you’re not in the house, right?

I’m not…

All right then. Wrecking ball it is!

No! I mean…God! I don’t think I’m in the house…but what if I am? What if the wrecking ball hits me?

Then at least you’ll know that it’s real. Give us two to four hours.

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