Agents of Re.L.I.E.F


Commander Takahito MacArthur bin Saud


In a timeline where American involvement in World War Two started later and ended worse, the nuclear blitz has rendered Central and Western Europe uninhabitable, the former Soviet Union a long chain of warlords, and the USA catatonic. Much of the rest of the world teeters on the brink of apocalyptic collapse.

The REconstruction/Liberation/secret-Intelligence Enlisted-Force branched off  Strategic Air Command in the 1950’s to help save civilization in the Old World. They argue that they have succeeded.

Governments within the Re.L.I.E.F zone do not go to war with each other, and they have indeed rebuilt an industrial base. At least, they can service and refuel Re.L.I.E.F ‘s fleet of aircraft. Re.L.I.E.F subject states have a growing economy, funneled mostly into the fleet, itself. And they have an education system…with the soul purpose of identifying talent to send to the airborne university established by rescued Nazi aeronautical engineers, die Luftfahrttechnik, Mathematik und Intelligenz Akademie, aka the L.M.I.A. (pronounced “lamia,” of course).

Now, after nearly 50 years of ultra-isolationism, the United States of America has again taken a military interest in the affairs of the Old World. And they are appalled at what they see. American media is abuzz with denunciations of Re.L.I.E.F, calling it an international dictatorship, a terrorist organization funded by piracy, its once-noble mission hijacked by the L.M.I.A.

Commander Takahito MacArthur bin Saud, Shogun of Japan, King of Arabia, Protector of the Peoples, has made known his displeasure with the USA by blockading Alaska and sinking any American ship that dares sail west of Hawaii. The few new transatlantic passenger planes are grounded once more, and American oceangoing vessels must travel under armed escort even within sight of American shores. L.M.I.A’s Nuclear tests on Iceland and the Aleutians are the subject of much consternation in Washington.

And there are darker rumors. Turning Machines networked into an electronic brain the size of a continent. Genetic modification of bacteria and viruses. Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Hydrogen fusion.

War is again coming to the world, perhaps for the final time.


Welp, that’s it for 2014. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone. Tune back in on January 13th, when the Kingdoms of Evil will be back with new podcasts, new awful ideas, and maybe some good news.

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