The New Age

We discovered Forced Metempsychosis in the 1950s, and used psychonauts and, later, the astral projections of digital computers to mine the Astral Plane for its precious resources. The natives, however, grew restless.

The New Age, a comic by Daniel M. Bensen and Turbofanatic. Coming soon!


Imagine if you will a Point of historical Divergence in the late 19th century. Turns out C.W. Leadbeater was right all along. European society, having solidified its hold on its colonial possessions and rapidly industrializing, stumbles upon an entirely new world, separate from, yet interpenetrating our physical reality.

Welcome to the Astral Plane, home to the turbulent elementals, the spirits of the departed, and the mysterious, godlike Devas. Mastering the new science of Practical Occultism, Euro-American explorers and exploiters stand to gain gain enormous power and wealth. A New Age is dawning!

Except we’re not the only colonizers. Other human societies have already established Lodges in the Astral Realms, some old and powerful:

1) Tibetan Brotherhood, who seek to uplift all humanity into Practitioners and pursue this goal with missionary zeal.

2) Tribal lodges in India and Africa who follow orders from the Devas. Sometimes friendly.

3) Puppet societies under the control of anti-human Devas, planning the invasion the Physical Realm.

4) A Native American secret society with continuity to Atlantis, who use occultism as a science.

5) Not to mention all the “other humanities” from the rest of the Solar System!

Tally ho!


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