80 Being Professional with Dan Koboldt

The Frustrated Artist by BlotoAngeles


I’m talking with author Dan Koboldt again about the sort of things you have to talk about with your literary agent.

The scariest words possible

Charles Stross, who was probably always super-cool

Absolute Writer Water Cooler

Hashtags for aspiring writers: #tenqueries #sffpit #badqueries

“It doesn’t grab me”

Dan spills all about his first novel

Agents don’t like to be treated like interchangeable parts

Intense Bulgarian cheese

My facebook page

Tumblr, the weirder the better

10 things writers don’t know about the woods.

10 reasons your blog sucks

God’s Empire Under Heaven my alt-history experiment

Get Known Before the Book Deal


Phonenix Comicon

Jaime Wyman talking with John Scalzi

My experience at Worldcon 2014

Dale Carnegie

…and…group hug, everyone!

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