78 Creating Background with Turbofanatic


I’m talking with Turbofanatic, author of AphelionDeltavengers, and co-author and illustrator of Wheel in the Sky. We talk about using objects to add background and depth to a story, starting with Aphelion, a reaction to the reaction to our world.

We are always fighting the previous war

3-D printing

3-D printed guns

Nerds do like stuff

A do-anything-thing


Bill Watterson’s appearance on Pearls Before Swine

Homestuck?? What is this new-frangled jibber-jabber?

Why is it telling me that I’m a silly girl? I’m a serious man! I have a wife!

Apparently it’s the Ulysses of the internet?

Charles Stross and the end of labor

Can’t you see I’m crowd-sourcing, mother?

Bollywood tropes

Nightwatch and Daywatch

In Deltavengers, don’t try to deconstruct anything

Except the science

Pandemonium. You can’t top it.

Cultural Prolapse is a problem

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